Enghien-les-Bains had the great advantage for Marx of being near Paris and Argenteuil, where his daughter Jenny lived with her family. From 17 June to 20 August 1882 he would make the fifteen-minute journey to Enghien every morning, have his treatments and return in the afternoon.

Karl Marx to Friedrich Engels, 4 July 1882:

So far I have had 2 sulphur baths with douches, tomorrow the third; I have not yet encountered anything more splendid than the shower bath (alias douche); from the bath one climbs onto a slightly raised board, en “nature”; the bath attendant then manipulates the jet (about the size of a fire hose) like a virtuoso his instrument, commands the movements of the corpus and successively bombards all parts of said corpus (save the head, (the cranium)), for 180 seconds (alias 3 minutes), sometimes more gently, sometimes more strongly, legs and feet inclusive, and always progressively crescending. […] In the inhalation room the atmosphere is dark from the sulphur vapours; you stay there 30-40 minutes; every 5 minutes you suck, at a certain table, special sulphur-laden vapour in aerosol form (from one of the tubes (zinc) with spigots); each man is encased in rubber from head to foot, then they march in file around the table; innocent scene from Dante's inferno.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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