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Vevey in Switzerland was prescribed to Marx as an after cure, when he had completed his treatments in Enghien-les-Bains. He spent the time from 27 August to 25 September 1882 in the Hôtel du Léman, accompanied by his daughter Laura Lafargue.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Karl Marx to Friedrich Engels, 4 September 1882:

Laura will write to you in detail about the events, or rather the non-eventfulness of our lives here, it’s like being in a land of milk and honey. We have had trips on the lake, as have others. [...]

31 August, 1st, 2nd and 3rd September brilliant weather (yesterday excessively hot). Today storm and rain, not I hope setting in for the duration. Strange that I am still coughing; I think I am the only person in Vevey who coughs; at least I have met no one else. My general state of health, however, is very satisfactory; I climbed with Laura both to the height of the vineyard here and to an even higher vineyard in Montreux without any appreciable shortness of breath.

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