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Ramsgate was a frequent summer destination for the whole Marx family, and for a number of years even the home of one of their married daughters.

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Karl Marx to Friedrich Engels, 15 August 1870, 36, Hardres Street:

The family is having a great time here. [Daughters] Tussy and Jennychen can't keep away from the sea and are laying down a good store of health. I, on the other hand, am lying more or less fallow as a result of rheumatism and sleepless nights.

Karl Marx to Friedrich Engels, 30 August 1870:

Back to London by steamer tomorrow morning. Firstly, staying here is very expensive for 5 people, as the English have flooded all the bathing places as a result of the war.

Secondly, the accommodation, relative to the price, is damned "draughty". The great pains have ceased, but a certain place is almost paralysed, so that I must consult the doctor again.

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